Before using the application, you must accept and adhere to the applicable terms of use and applicable user policy 1- Not to send or use objectionable content in the application, such as audio, images, pornographic clips, and insults. 2- The user who violates this policy will be automatically sent from the app. There are also in-app moderators to block users who violate the policy. 3- The rejected photos and videos will be deleted automatically. There are moderators who depend on blocking pornographic or unwanted content for 24 hours in the app. By clicking on the accept button, you promise that you will adhere to these policies before using the app. Our application policy The application contains social functions such as chats, with the ability for users to share information about the application. Thus, the application can ask the user to enter personal data such as name, photos, or birthday. The application collects the location of the user. This personal data is displayed to other users of the application. This data is not shared with any other entity or organizations. Users can delete their personal data using the button located in the user profile options in the application for this purpose. Do not post adult content only, such as images with sexual content or images of extreme violence